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Uttam Driver


UTTAM means "Superior in a segment" likewise, Uttam Driver is a HIGH QUALITY & LONG LASTING SMPS which is built to provide Best Safety and Power Delivery for your electronic devices.

Features - No Fluctuation Output, Delay Startup for Load Protection, External Fluctuation and Noise Protected Driver circuit.

Applications - 12V DC RGB LED Strips, Set-Top Box, DTH, Consoles, CCTV Camera, 12V DC Low Power Pumps, LCD-LED TV/ MONITORS, DC Projects, Robotics, etc.

Intelligent IC based controller

Output : 12V DC 1AMP (Full Current Delivery)

Output Power : 12WATT

Input Voltage : 110V ~ 255V AC (50-60Hz)

Input Current : 150mA (max Load)

Surge Protection

OverVoltage Shutdown

Overload RESET

Delay Startup

Shortcircuit Protection

High Temperature Shutdown

High Quality Driver board Components & Transformer

Compact Size Wall Mountable Design